Mental Health Georgia is a multi-faceted community mental health agency serving the residents of Georgia. We provide an extensive array of mental health services for both children and adults.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, easily accessible services for Georgians, focused on promoting mental and emotional well being through personal and professional development, family preservation, resource coordination and individualized treatment.

Mental Health Georgia is the parent company of several subsidiaries aimed at providing cutting-edge and neuro-based therapies, individual and family counseling, emotional IQ testing, specialized assessments, trainings and life coaching.  Our clients include but are not limited to: adopted children and their adoptive families, corporate executives and professionals, athletes looking to improve their performance and many more.


acc-purpleWe accept most insurances, private-pay and the Advance Care credit program for patients who meet requirements.

About Advance Care:  This program offers a revolving credit product from $500-$25,000, for interest free periods that include 6 and 12 months, instant credit decisions and a secure on-line, paperless application process. Minimum requirements required.